There, I fixed it!

Our school was very fortunate to win a Thiems Grant from our education foundation here in Elmhurst last year.  The grant was for pottery wheels!  You've probably read about our visit from Judy Huppert from Ceramics Supply Chicago, which is where we purchased our wheels.  She visits us every quarter and does a demonstration on how to use the wheels.

Now that we're on our third quarter of using the wheels, I started to realize how much the water and wheels has caused wear and tear to the wooden table we were using the wheels on.  So I came up with an idea to fix it!

Mrs. Bensfield was kind enough to donate a box of sticky-back vinyl floor tiles to the art room, and I used them to cover the tabletop where we use the pottery wheels.  Now, when water pools up on the table, it's easily wiped away instead of soaking into the wooden top.  Hooray for free fixes!
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