My trip to New York.

Current art students know that I was out last week because I went to New York City for the National Art Education Association conference.
I went with Mr. Leban, who is also an art teacher (he teaches in Oak Park). I learned all about new ideas and projects and techniques for teaching art classes, but I also got to see some pretty amazing sights - including MOMA - the Museum of Modern Art!
We took some photos of the artworks that we saw while we were there, including a lot of really famous ones, and I wanted to share them with you.

This sculpture, called Love, is by Robert Indiana.

Object (Fur-lined tea cup), by Meret Oppenheim

Look at how huge this Jackson Pollock painting is compared to the person standing next to it!

At left is a Giacometti sculpture.

Mr. Leban wanders through a "library" of books. Not really - it's a wall filled with plaster castings of the NEGATIVE spaces around books on a library wall. What a crazy concept!

Leonardo DiVinci in New York City?! Who would've thought?!

Mr. Leban gives this one his "seal of approval."

...but these two... we don't like so much.
You call this art?!

Hey, so this part isn't MOMA... but another fun part of New York City. We went to Central Park (even in the freezing snowy weather!) and saw Strawberry Fields. Here's a picture I took of the "IMAGINE" stone dedicated to John Lennon:

...so, a very fun art-filled trip over all. I changed my profile picture, too. Check it out - it shows that you CAN go and hang out at the art museum and have fun. It doesn't have to be ALL serious.

Now, go enjoy your spring break - and visit the art museum while you're at it!


E Term Extra Credit...

For this term, to receive extra credit:

Tell me about the BEST work of art that YOU have ever made.

For 6th Grade on Tuesday, 3/6/07.

Sixth grade - this is for an assignment grade! Answer the following question:

How do YOU decide if a work of art is GOOD or BAD?

This is YOUR opinion. Please include specific examples! The more thoughtful your answer is, the better your grade on this.

EDIT 4/9/07: IF YOU WERE ABSENT ON THIS DATE, please leave your answer in the form of a comment right here on this website. It will get e-mailed to me, so I won't miss it. When we did this activity in class, the computers didn't work right, and that is why you may not see many/any comments on this entry.
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