Decorative Painting with Bill Fisher

On Friday, 8th grade students were treated to a visit by decorative painters and artists Bill Fisher and Emily Quinn.  Mr. Fisher is a parent of two current Sandburg students, and was willing to come over and talk about his working experiences in art, along with providing some hands-on activities for students to try.

Students got to try out three different faux textures using tinted glazes: one was the look of faux marble, one look replicated wood grain, and the other was using a blue tint and cardboard to recreate an almost stone-like patterned effect.  

To the left, you can see photos of students as we tried our hand at creating faux marble.  What a fun way to finish out the first quarter of art for these 8th grade students!

Thank you Mr. Fisher and Mrs. Quinn!

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8th grader writes fashion blog - wow!

Tonight I was hanging out at Mr. Leban's school because it was parent-teacher conferences, and I was introduced to this blog by an 8th grader in his district (not his school, not a student of his). I was blown away by how amazing this was - I especially like the self-portraits that Tavi has done of her outfits.
I was I was that confident in myself at that age! Sadly, I was polar opposite - but this blog is inspiring nonetheless so I thought I'd share it with you. An incredible artistic eye, a really amazing fashion instinct, and some really funny (and sarcastic) writing all combine for some good reading/viewing/blogging/etc...


ArtRageous Oak Park!

Although I teach in Elmhurst, I live in Oak Park, so I hear about lots of really neat art events that go on. Right now there's a 10-day event going on in Oak Park called "ArtRageous Oak Park" with a whole series of different events going on throughout the village. It runs through next weekend, and they have a website that details everything.

One of the events that really caught my eye was at a local store I love to shop at, called Fly Bird. They're hosting a LIVE artist collaboration - "10 in 10 days" - where 10 local artists are going to work in the store over 10 days. You can come in to shop and watch the artists work at the same time! Details are posted on the store's website.

A couple of artists will be part of the "10 in 10 days" event whose work I personally enjoy: Shawnimals (creator of Ninjatown and Pocket Ninja!) and Nerfect (creator of Diabolical Hot Dog!).

If you visit the event, take a photo and show it to me - I'll give you extra credit in art class!
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