"C" Term Extra Credit - for ALL art classes.

Here is the "C" term extra credit question. Remember, the better your answer, the more points you can earn (better = more thoughtful).

Imagine you want to open an art store in your local mall. What types of art should you carry in order to be successful? Why?

Also, remember to label your comment with your first name, last INITIAL, and class period.


For "C" Term 6th Grade Art Classes (on 11/28/06).

Sixth grade classes (in "C" term art) will be in the computer lab on Tuesday, November 28th. If this means YOU, this is the blog post that you will need to reply to for your first offical art assignment - this is not extra credit - this is required!

You need to COMMENT on this post and answer the following question:
"What is ART?"

Your answer should be 3-5 sentences long, minimum. I don't care about your spelling and grammar as much as I care about your IDEAS. To me, that's the important part. How would YOU define art?

You need to label your comment as well in order to receive credit for your comment. All comments should be labeled with your first name, last initial, and class period - DO NOT put your full name in your comment! I will be walking you through the steps on how to do this when we're in class together. Also remember that comments will not show up immediately because I need to approve them first.

Good luck!



I just wanted to send out a reminder that your comments will NOT show up on here unless you have identified yourself correctly. That means that you cannot post as anonymous, and you must stay on topic; otherwise I will not publish your post (they all get approved by me first)!!!

Today is Monday, Novemebr 13th, and 7th grade classes have sketchbooks due. Tomorrow, (Tuesday, Nov. 14th) is the sketchbook due date for 6th grade, and Thursday (Nov. 16th) is the due date for 8th grade classes (Wednesday if you're 4th period block).

...and lastly, that next Tuesday, November 21st is the last day of art for B term classes. All other art projects are due. Your extra credit opportunity is up on that date as well. That includes the due date for Snowflake T-shirt designs for the contest, too!


"B" Term Extra Credit.

To earn extra credit for "B" term, I'm not posting a question. Instead, I want you to share a short story with everyone about how you used art knowledge or art language in your everyday life.

Sixth grade art classes should talk about color and how they needed to know about color for something they encountered in their everyday life.

Seventh grade classes should use their elements of art vocabulary and tell about a time when they used those words or concepts outside of school.

Eighth grade classes should talk about the principles of art and how they used one or more of those terms outside of art class.

Remember to include your first name, last initial, and class period in your post in order to receive credit. Thanks!


"A" Term Art Question.

Okay, here is the extra credit question for all "A" term art students:

Which do you think is better: realistic art or abstract art? Why?

The more complete your answer (well thought-out, with examples and reasons) the more extra credit points you can receive. Be sure to label your answer with your first name, last initial, and class period #. Otherwise, I won't know who to give credit to!

(Please note that all comments are moderated and will not post until I have cleared them for posting.)


why would i care about this?!

if you're a student currently enrolled art class, this page might be important to you for one of a variety of reasons:
  1. i'm making you come here and write stuff for class.
  2. i've offered extra credit if you come here and post your opinion.
  3. you're on the internet and REALLY bored and happened to click here just out of curiosity.

for whatever the reason, thanks for stopping by. please note that you won't be able to leave random comments here. all comments are e-mailed to me first, and then i have the option of allowing them to be posted or not.

i will ONLY post your comment if you have included your first name, last initial, and class period.

i hope you have a great time in art class and a wonderful new school year!

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