what happened to the old website?

Today i discovered that my old website is not at the old address. The new address is:

So, if you come across some dead-end links, it is probably a result of this. Hopefully, by the time school starts, I'll have all the loose ends fixed up. However, if you notice any problems, don't hesitate to email me.




On June 13th Mr. Leban and I were married! On the left I've posted a picture from the big day. It was so much fun, and everything went smoothly - I wish we could celebrate like that every weekend!

So, what this news means for students here at Sandburg is that my last name has changed to Leban (it's pronounced "LEE-bin"). So when you see this on your new classes schedule, don't panic! - I haven't quit! - it's the same old me, just a new name. (Hopefully you enjoyed art class and that's a good thing!)

In the next few weeks before school begins, I'm slowly but surely switching stuff over to the new name (like email address, web page info, blah blah blah...). I'm pretty sure I'll forget something along the way, but hey, that's how it goes.

Have a great rest of the summer - see you all before you know it!
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