Hello - I'm Mrs. Leban.  I teach art at Sandburg Middle School, and I've been here since I first started teaching in August of 2002!  Sheesh, that's a long time.

I student taught right here at Sandburg Middle School in 2001!  I earned my BA from Elmhurst College in December of 2001.  I earned my MA in 2005 from St. Xavier University.  In 2010, I earned National Board Teacher Certification in Early Adolescent-Young Adult Art.

I really like computers. Over the summer, I completed a bunch of tests to become a Google Certified Educator. This year, I'm back in grad school, earning my Technology Specialist Endorsement!

I'm married to Mr. Leban, also an art teacher, in Oak Park! We have a little boy named Iggy, and two dogs, named Motorhead and Dio.

I enjoy going to concerts, roller derby skating, cooking new recipes, DIY projects, working on the computer, and spending time with my son and husband!

You can also find me on Twitter.
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