Last day of "C" term art - DO THIS!!!

7th grade art classes - you will be sitting in the computer lab during class on the last day of art "C" term (1/25/08). During this time, I'd like you to give me your final thoughts on art this year. Please give me a well-thought paragraph (minimum) about art class this year. Here are some questions to guide you along:
  • What was your favorite project or activity in class, and why?
  • What was your least favorite project or activity, and why?
  • If you were the art teacher, how would you run class differently?
  • Tell me 3 new things that you learned in art class this year.
  • Was there a medium you wanted to work with, but did not get to? What was it?
  • What advice would you give to 6th graders about art class for next year?
  • If you could repeat 7th grade art class over again, what would YOU do differently?
  • Is art class hard? Is it supposed to be?
  • What is art, anyways?

Please post your answers here on the blog in the form of a comment. You may choose to write your reply in a word document and then copy/paste your words into the comment form, if that is easier. Don't forget to include your first name and class period!

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