I'm trying to migrate my art videos to Teachertube because we can access it here at school. (Students can't access Youtube from school.) You can check for the latest here:

teachertube - msmillerleban

...but right now I'm frustrated because the site keeps running really slow and/or freezing up. More on this later.


stop motion

i made a new stop motion film today using my new robot pencil sharpener. i posted it up on you-tube. here it is:

also, a student was asking today about stop-motion software for macs. i started searching (hopefully for something that was FREE...) and i found this pretty good review site for different stop-motion software that's available. if you're looking for a program to use at home, you may want to try out one of the programs reviewed here:


New Art Institute Wing!

Today I went and visited the new wing of the Art Institute downtown. It was opening day, and all kinds of exciting things were going on! There were a bunch of exhibits of new art (and recognizable old favorites too) to see.

The opening day festivities were hosted by Target, and they were giving away free water bottles and snacks, which was cool - but my favorite thing was that the TARGET DOG was there and you could take a picture with him!

So Mr. Leban and I couldn't resist. We totally had to wait in line to get our picture taken.

Here it is:
I couldn't believe he was so well-behaved and let me pet him!

Before going home, we stopped by Millenium Park (it's right next door to the Art Institute) and took a picture in the reflection of the giant bean sculpture.

Here we are!:
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