Weekly Update: December 17-21

We (the kids and I both!) are so excited for winter break!  Today was the last day for both Quarter 2 8th grade classes as well as Term "C" 6th and 7th grade art classes.

6th Grade Art

In 6th grade art, we've spent the last week working on drawing techniques.  We learned how to shade using a variety of techniques: controlling pencil pressure, layering complementary colors, layering black pencil, and using hatching, crosshatching, stippling, and doodle line techniques.  Whoa that's a lot!  This week, students also turned in Sketchbook #3: a drawing of a wooden manikin in action.  Check them out on Artsonia!

7th Grade Art

I kind of feel like I say this every term, but man, this term went fast and was crazy busy!  We've been working furiously to finish up our black and white value self-portrait paintings (this photo was taken on Thursday afternoon, but they should be done by now!).  I have a fun plan to display these paintings with thick black construction paper mats that will really make the images pop!  So look forward to seeing a whole group of 7th graders' faces staring out at you from the hallways real soon!

8th Grade Art

We ended our 8th grade quarter with not enough time to make the usual paper sculpture project (a 3-dimensional star), so I improvised and created a super cool lesson on making your own pinwheels!  This way, we still did some experimental watercolor painting and used paper to create a 3-dimensional form.  The sticks for our pinwheels are made from pencils!  The best part is that the pinwheels really work!  Check them all out on our Artsonia gallery!

Eighth grade students also finished the quarter with one last drawing assignment: to design a program cover for the promotion ceremony at the end of the school year!  The best one is voted on by the 8th grade teachers and actually used at the event!  Woo hoo!

And of course, we ended the quarter with HOT CHOCOLATE in our handmade glazed clay mugs!  They're being brought home today, so be on the lookout!

Thanks for another great week - and have a great holiday!
-Mrs. L.


Weekly Update: December 10th - 14th

Next week is the last week before winter break - and the last week of art for ALL current classes!  Needless to say, we are SUPER BUSY trying to finish projects and get grades turned in!

6th Grade:

This week, we FINISHED our paper mache letter sculptures.  In the picture above, you can see them stacked up, waiting to be graded, photographed, and uploaded to Artsonia!  Also this week, we started our final sketchbook assignment: a wooden manikin drawing.  This drawing will be due next Thursday (Dec 20). Next week, we will work on various drawing skills and practice some new drawing techniques.  Each day will have a different focus until the end of the term.

7th Grade:

Seventh grade classes have now finished their graphite grid drawings (check them out in our Artsonia gallery here!) and we've begun a new final painting project: self portraits!  It'll be really short, and we'll be able to finish by the end of this week.  Unfortunately, we don't have time to complete a still life painting (as previous terms have done), but I think I like this alternate project even better!  We're still completing a painting unit, and we're still covering the concept of mixing tints and shades of paint colors.  Score!

Also, our second sketchbook assignment (a black and white op-art inspired design) was due on Friday, so look for those grades and another accompanying Artsonia exhibit real soon!

8th Grade:

Eighth grade students are finishing up EVERYTHING right now!  Our plaster animal "faux taxidermy" heads just got their hanging wires yesterday, and I just unloaded the final kiln firing for glaze today!  So, this means a lot of grading/photographing/uploading to Artsonia for me, but it also means that 8th grade students will have lots of fun projects to bring home real soon!  Awesome!

In Other News...

Thanks for another great week!
- Mrs. L.


Weekly Update: December 3-7

6th Grade:

Sixth grade has worked really hard on our paper mache sculptures, trying to finish them up!  This week, we finished the paper mache layers, added puffy paint texture to the front face, and began applying the base coat of acrylic paint.  Next week, we'll apply a second color wash to bring out the texture on the front.

In-between waiting for our layers of paint and paper mache to dry, we worked on our 1-point perspective room drawings, which were due today at the end of class.  Next week, we'll begin our third and final sketchbook assignment!  Time is flying by!

7th Grade:

Seventh grade classes had kind of a crazy week!  We lost about half of our class on Wednesday due to a KMO competition, and on Friday (today) there was a choir tour for choir students.  So, students worked hard during their in-class time to try and complete their grid drawing celebrity portraits, which will be "due" on Monday.  When I say "due," I mean that we will no longer spend any time in-class on this assignment, and that I'll begin grading the finished projects at that time.  If a student has not turned in the assignment, it will show up in the gradebook as a zero until I receive it.  All work needs to be turned in by December 21st (the last day of the term)... but I strongly suggest that students not wait until the last minute!  We'll be starting a new project on Monday, and work has a tendency to pile up if you let it wait!

Our sketchbook #2 assignment (Op-Art inspired drawing; see above) was also worked on in-class if/when students finished their grid drawing.  This drawing will be due on December 14th, and there will not be a sketchbook #3 this term due to time constraints.  We will, however, complete a short painting project in the next two weeks before break!

8th Grade:

8th grade students glazed their clay mugs this week!  It's always exciting to think about how they'll look when they're finally finished and we get to use them!  Our hot chocolate celebration will be on the last day of the quarter, December 21st.

Students have also begun to paint their plaster animal faux taxidermy heads with acrylic paint.  Hopefully, we'll have those finished next week!  Yayy!

In other news...
Students from health classes were learning about the skeletal system.  One group decided to turn their skeleton into me, "day of the dead" style.  Isn't it awesome?!  I especially love the facial designs and skully bow in my hair!

...and, I found this fun "art history" graphic while I was hunting around on Pinterest for art ideas:

Thanks for another great week!
-Mrs. L.
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