Our Mural!

Yesterday after school, we finished our YMCA mural! Above you can see a photo of our final work... pretty nice, huh? A special thank you to after-school art class members: Hannah, Julia, Sean, Jazzmin, Margaret, Emma, and Erin who are the student artists behind this AWESOME work! In the next few weeks, our work will be taken down here at school and brought to the YMCA for installation.


Film short I made.

Today I did a demo for 8th grade on stop-motion animation. I thought it was funny because it looked like the two Miss Miller cubes were going to fight!

p.s. This is a video I posted on YouTube, so you can probably only view it from home. Sorry 'bout that.


March = Youth Art Month!

March is Youth Art Month!

There are several ways that the Sandburg Art Department is celebrating:
Thursday, March 26th = Evening With The Arts celebration begins at 7 pm.
Friday, March 27th = Elmhurst Art Museum K-8 Exhibition opening reception from 3:30 - 5:30 pm.

All are invited!


Student Art Display!

Sandburg Middle School has student artwork up on display in the district office for the month of February! Congratulations to the following student artists whose work is part of the display:
Nora Corry, Ginny Watson, Evan O'Brien, Julia May, Timmy Kindelin, Michael Goetz, Hannah Schwarz, Maxine Adams, Kierstin Kurczek, Annie Nyberg, Marco Lappo, Bianca Battaglia, Josiey Jelinek, Matt Hogan, Annie Viola, Katie Grotto, Riley Russell, John Kopach, Ava Heemsoth, Jon Mitchell, Wade Kinney, Cal Skiles, Danielle Jabczynski, Cooper Alimorong, Meredith Carbonetti, Colin Kaminski, Nick Gaudio, and Paul Rafac!
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