6th grade question - ASSIGNMENT - "D" term

Sixth grade classes will be in the computer lab on Monday, January 29th during art. All 6th grade students will be required to answer the following question and post it here on the blog as a comment (this is for a grade!):

What kind of visual art do YOU enjoy making the MOST - and WHY?

If you are having trouble coming up with different kinds of art, here are some categories that might help you out: drawing, painting, sculpting, clay/ceramics, jewelry, computer graphics, movies & film, fabric art, printmaking/stamping, photography...


extra credit question for "D" term art.

Hey "D" term!
Respond to this question and get extra credit! (See "Posting Rules" at right...)

Some COLORS can be aggravating. Name a color you strongly dislike and explain why.


regarding extra credit...

If you are wondering whether or not you received extra credit for posting on the blog, you should check your grade on powerschool! - it will be listed as an extra credit assignment, and you will see that you have points entered there.

As a general rule, if your posting appears on the blog, you may assume that I am giving you extra credit. Double-check on powerschool (or check with me in class) to be sure that credit is given. If you notice that something is in error, please let me know right away - I have been known to make mistakes before, so I certainly don't mind you asking me questions!

Typically, 3 points are given per post, assuming that you have given yourself proper credit (first name, last initial, and class period...) and that you have written a thoughtful answer. To people outside of our class, 3 points may not seem like much... until you realize that I work on a tiny points scale where major projects = 25 points, as opposed to a more common 100 point scale. For more information on art grades, see the art website where I have posted additional art grade information.
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