My Weekend Trip to the Comic Convention!

Over the weekend, Mr. Leban and I went to the C2E2 comic convention.  I'd never been to one before, and it was super fun.

Uglydolls had a booth there!  I pretty much chased down Ice Bat to get a photo with him.  I was pretty excited.

We saw artist Eric Maruscak drawing a gigantic chalk comic portrait using a grid drawing method.  If you look to his left, you can see that he has a printout of the image he's working on and he's drawn a grid over it to help him sketch out his design on such a large scale.

Here's a large overall view of how much he still has to go!  Phew!  No wonder he's gotten comfortable by taking his shoes off - he's gonna be here a while!

Mr. Leban and Darth Vader shake angry fists in defiance of those who deny the force!

What an adventure!  Did you do anything fun this weekend!

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