Oak Park K-8 Art Show

I went to the Oak Park K-8 show at OPRF High School last night.  It was so cool to see the MASSIVE amounts of artwork on display from all of the schools!  Mr. Leban teaches at Brooks Middle School, so he let me tag along and eat some cookies.

Do you recognize the inspiration for these works of art?  They're Faith Ringgold, just like we do in sixth grade!

I really like these cool iPod-inspired paintings.  They give me ideas for some projects of our own!

The above two photos are from the display case where Mr. Leban's students work is located.  They create their own marble-maze games, make masks, cut out and design miniature model guitars, and even stretch their own canvas onto frames they build themselves!  How fun!

As you can see, the walls are really full!  I couldn't believe how many people showed up!

(I told Mr. Leban to allow me to take a photo as he ponders the artwork.)

Above, you can see just some of the awesome Oak Park K-8 art teachers that work in the district.  They're super friendly, they love what they do, and many of them have become my friends.  It's makes me sad that for many of them, their jobs depend on the referendum passing. Here's information from their district website on what programs will be cut: http://www.op97.org/referendum/Reductions-Information.pdf

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