Coral Reef Photo Gallery

I've been promising some updated Crochet Coral Reef photos for a while now, so here they are!  This is in the display case across from the main office at Sandburg.

Our "background" is a sandy-colored fleece Mrs. Bensfield found at the fabric store.  Eventually, we can sew pieces onto it permanently and hang out reef anywhere we want!  For now, pieces are placed down and/or pinned to the corkboard behind.

One of our favorite new techniques is to crochet around pipe cleaners to make our coral bendy and defy gravity!  Do you see the tall blue piece above?

These little mushroom-like pieces were made by Mrs. Bensfield.  She's always giving us cool ideas!

Above: Brainy coral, fuzzy coral, and a round ball-shaped piece of coral!


Wow!  What a variety!  We'll also be showing off our crochet skills at our "Sandburg at 60" birthday celbration at the end of May, so be sure to stop by and check out how we've gotten EVEN BETTER!
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