Plaster Hands

Eighth grade students recently completed a plaster sculpture unit where they used their hands as molds to wrap plaster to form a cast.  They then had to use their plaster cast as part of a sculpture with a theme.  The pose of the hand, paint colors chosen, and additional items added (including the base) all had to tie in to the student's chosen theme. 

The final part of this project was a presentation to the class all about their sculpture.  Each student wrote up an index card with what they were going to say.  These index cards also serve as informational placards when hung next to the student's work in the display cases.

I was sad that I didn't have enough room to put EVERYONE'S work up - they all turned out really nice!  Some students were excited to take their project home right away.  You can see photos of all the individual sculptures on our Artsonia gallery.  I even added artist statements with the information from their index cards on the Artsonia gallery for those students who typed theirs up and saved it for me.

(Yeah, I like the display case photos better without the glare, too.  Unfortunately, not all display cases give me that option...!)
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