Paper Sculpture

Each quarter, eighth grade sculpture students complete a unit on paper sculpture.  This quarter, we were short on time, so our traditional "star lantern" project has been replaced by an online paper sculpture project.  It's really fun - the site we're using is called Papercritters - and on this site, students get to design their own cube-like character to be printed out and folded into the final form.

Yesterday, we took a look at some other paper creations by Castleforte.  There's a book he's published, called "Papertoy Monsters" with the characters I've featured below.  I was lucky enough to meet the artist at C2E2 this weekend, and he gave me some samples (and a cool poster) of the neat paper monsters they feature.  Look how awesome these are!

This definitely gives me lots of ideas for paper creations of my own!  Can't wait to see what the 8th graders come up with.
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