Surprising aftermath of NBCT status.

I knew it was a hard thing to do.  I mean, I went through the process, wrote all the papers, did the video-taping, took the three-hour sit down test where they took my fingerprints to make sure that I was who I really said I was...

But I was still surprised when I was invited to a school board meeting to be presented with a proclamation from the school board in January.  It was a really nice presentation - the superintendent even read sections from our original job applications way back when we were originally hired by the district!  It was really cute, actually.  Mr. Leban and my mom also came to clap and smile when I went up to stand in front of everyone.

Then I received an invitation (see above) to a special ceremony from DuPage County regional board of education office.  Wow.  Even more surprised.  Unfortunately, I was unable to go (among other things, we had art club that day!), but Mrs. Steahly was able to go.  She also was granted National Board Certification this year, for math.  In fact, the other teachers from our district that earned their NBCT status were math teachers too!  They joked that I could be an honorary math teacher.

Then on Saturday I received this in the mail at my house!  It's from State Representative Sandra Pihos and the Illinois House of Representatives congratulating me on becoming a NBCT.  Wow!

So, I know it was a big deal.  But I didn't realize how much of a big deal it was.  Yayy me!
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