We love to read!

8th Grade students recently completed a sketchbook assignment where they had to draw a scene from a favorite book.  This, of course, assumes that you love to read - and we do!

I wanted to share with you some (but just some) of my favorite drawings:

This drawing is by Rey.  It's a drawing entitled "Wang Lung's farm" from a book called "Good Earth."

This drawing is by  Lauren.  I believe it's a character from "The Clique" book series.

This drawing is by Jisha. Unfortunately, she didn't write the book title.  It makes me want to read whatever book it is, though!

The above drawing is by Kierstin.  She said this is a scene form the book, "I am Number Four" by Pitticus Lore.

This drawing is by Abbey.  Again, she didn't write down what the book was, but it looks cool - like a "Lord of the Rings" type of tale?

Scene from "The Hunger Games" drawn by Annie.

My drawing (not pictured) was of "The Hobbit."  What's your favorite book?
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