Crochet Coral Reef Wins a Grant!

Hooray!  Do you remember when I told you about our crochet coral reef project?  Well, Mrs. Bensfield wrote and won a grant to pay for the intellectual rights (a $200 value) for our project.  We just found out yesterday, and are very excited!

The grant comes from the National Girls Collaborative Project, an organization that works to support programs that create "gender equity in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)."  (Hmm... perhaps I should let them know that our project is not so much a "STEM" project as it is a "STEAM" project... the A is for ARTS!)

We still have our project up at DonorsChoose.org if you'd like to help support us with supplies.  We're more than halfway there with $$$ donations right now, and only have about $140 left to go! Here's how our reef looked as of last week:

Pretty cool, huh?  Just yesterday I was working on a really neat piece of red-violet "brainy" coral - I'm really excited to add it to the reef along with a sweet starfish made by Mrs. Bensfield.  We also meet today after school, so I'll probably have even more to add!  I'll try to remember to twitpic a photo or two to keep you all updated!

Thank you for supporting the arts!
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