Google Art Project

For many "art" people, this is already old news, but for Sandburg Art students, this is a truly awesome new art website to check out!

Have you checked out the Google Art Project yet?  You can tour art galleries at museums around the globe using Google's street-view technology to virtually walk around the room.  You can also choose specific artworks (such as Van Gogh's Starry Night) to zoom in and out of, catching every little detail!  I was shocked at how much you can actually see - right down to the cracks in the paint!

I've also started a "collection" in Google Art Project.  You can visit my collection, simply entitled "Stuff I Like."  As I grow more comfortable with the site, I can begin to build collections tied to projects we complete in class, but for now, it's fun to save things that look interesting to come back and look at later.

For more info on Google Art Project, check out the visitor's guide, with a neat behind-the-scenes video!
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