Last Day Scramble

Today is the last day of the term for 6th & 7th grade classes.  It's always a bit of a scramble, trying to turn in missing assignments, finish projects, clean out drawers, catch up absent students, write notes to those that are still absent, and entertain the early finishers that have "nothing to do."

Oh yeah, and all of this gets done while trying to plan for the new groups walking through the door on Monday!  Phew!  It's busy!

In seventh grade, we're especially "scrambled" because we lost two days of class due to the heavy snow.  I told them to finish their portraits as much as they could, and if they DID finish, they could paint their clay cupcakes.  I love the cupcake project, so it breaks my heart a little to have to send them home sans paint.  But there's not much I can do.  Students are free to take paint home to finish off their tiny sculptures for themselves if they like.  I've also found that two layers of watercolor work quite well as a clay finish.  Here are some examples of pieces I painted with watercolor:

There were several students who DID manage to complete their clay cupcake and have it photographed.  Here's a preview:

Wow!  I hope that you are as impressed as I am by these awesome ideas!
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