Advice from 6th Grade Artists

In 6th grade art, we are working on our "Where the Wild Things Are"-inspired textural monsters.  We just began working with pen and ink on our final pencil sketches Wednesday.  I asked 6th grade art students to make a list of tips for creating a good drawing.  Here's what we came up with:
  • Show textures and patterns.  In this project, we're specifically studying the use of cross-hatching and stippling to show value and 3-dimensional forms.
  • Weird is good.  It's important to be creative and to try to come up with ideas unlike other classmates.
  • The monster is the main thing.  So it should be large, filling up the space.  This applies to any "main thing" in your artwork.
  • Include lots of background stuff, like the climate or habitat.  Drawings are always better when you include an interesting background.
  • Draw neatly.  Use your best effort when you draw.
  • Be patient.  This is kind of like "draw neatly," because rushing your work will usually cause it to be sloppy.  Good artwork often takes time!

Hope you enjoy our works-in-progress!  Keep in mind our helpful tips when you're making your own art!
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