This week in art: September 23-27

6th Grade Art:
6th Grade Art 

On Tuesday this week, sixth grade students brought home their letter sculptures!  It always feels good to finally finish and take home a project that we've worked on for so long.

Most of this week was spent working on our COMIC BOOK project!  In this 6th grade art assignment, students demonstrated their understanding of four different drawing techniques that are used when drawing in markers or ink:
  • HATCHING: lines
  • CROSS-HATCHING: crossed lines
  • STIPPLING: dots
  • DOODLE: curvy, curly lines
These techniques can be used as a “fill” for shapes, or they can be used to show value and shading. Students also explored how to reproduce a variety of textures when drawing, such as wood, grass, or scales in a drawing.  Each student in 6th grade “A” Term art class was responsible for one “page” of our comic book. Our theme was “BEST DAY EVER,” and it was up to the students to interpret what that theme meant for them:
Is your “best day ever” something that has already happened to you?
Is your “best day ever” a wild fantasy, beyond the realm of possibility?
Is your “best day ever” a dream for your future?

Today, on our last day of art, students each received a copy of our class' comic book to take home.  What a fun way to end 6th grade art class!  See you next year!

7th Grade Art:
7th Grade Art 

Today was also the last day of 7th grade art classes.  Seventh grade students worked on two different drawing assignments this week:

  1. Students completed their "Pop Can Evolution" drawings (you can view them on Artsonia here)
  2. Students began Sketchbook assignment #3: a comic square grid enlargement.
At the end of class today, students turned in their comic grid drawings.  Because our class time is so short, I will be grading the sketchbook assignment based off of the amount of work that students were able to complete in class.

I can't believe how fast our 6-week term always flies by!  I'll miss my 7th graders, but I hope to see them all again in 8th grade art!

8th Grade Art: 
8th Grade Art

Today was NOT the last day of art for 8th grade.  Because 8th grade art is a 9-week class, they will continue to have art until October 18th!

This week, students finished up their pixel portrait drawings.  You can even check out some of the completed images on Artsonia already!

On Thursday and Friday, we began glazing our ceramic projects from the beginning of the quarter.  Glaze works kind of like paint: we use brushes to paint the glaze onto our bisque-fired creations, and let it dry.  The ceramic pieces then need to go back into the kiln for another firing, which makes the glaze coat become glass-like, shiny, bright, and waterproof!  Currently, the kiln is not ventilated properly for glaze firing (the fumes are a little overwhelming, to say the least)... so there will be a little bit of a delay before the pieces actually get fired.

Once our pieces DO get fired, our mini mugs will be up for sale at Elijah's Coffeehouse in Elmhurst!  We will be asking $5 per mug, with all of the money going to the UCC Food Pantry.  More information is coming soon.

Thanks for another awesome week!
-Mrs. L.
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