This Week in Art: September 16-20

6th Grade Art:
6th Grade Art 

Sixth grade students finished their letter sculptures this week, and even photographed and uploaded the images to Artsonia - all by themselves using the art room iPads! Artsonia has a new feature this year, called "Classroom Mode," that allows students to upload their own photos to selected galleries.  The teacher then gets to review/approve photos before they are posted publicly.  It's super fun for students to be able to use the iPads in class!

Today, our second sketchbook drawing (the interior design/room drawing) was due.  So be on the lookout for updated grades and more Artsonia masterpieces real soon!

On Thursday and Friday this week, we started learning about drawing techniques using markers.  These new skills will be incorporated into a special comics-themed assignment, which we'll complete next week - because next week is our LAST WEEK of "A" Term art class!  Eek!  The time went way too fast!

7th Grade Art:
7th Grade Art 

Seventh grade students have been hard at work on their "Pop Can Evolution" drawings.  We've been really focusing on our observational drawing skills, and practicing the steps to break down an object into simple shapes in order to draw more realistically.

Next week is the LAST WEEK of "A" Term 7th grade art, so we'll be finishing up our can drawings, and completing a quick version of the sketchbook #3 assignment before next Friday.  I can't believe the term flew by so quickly!

8th Grade Art: 
8th Grade Art

On Tuesday, eighth grade students turned in sketchbook assignment #2 (scene from a book).  These drawings have already been graded (check your progress on Powerschool!), and are awaiting photography/uploading via Artsonia.

Most of the week was spent working on our "pixel portraits" project.  These colored pencil portraits will (hopefully) be completed sometime next week.  On Wednesday, sketchbook assignment #3 (a copy of a "master" work of art) was introduced, and we spent time finding & printing out artworks to try to copy in a drawing.  This sketchbook assignment will be due on Friday, October 4th.

Thanks for another awesome week!
-Mrs. L.
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