Weekly Update: October 29 - November 2

Don't forget to turn your clocks back this weekend!

6th Grade 
It's our second to last week of art - next Friday is our last day!  Eek!  This week we made major progress on our final project: a pen & ink drawing inspired by African art and patterns.  It's an animal outline that's been filled in with a variety of patterns, including the four drawing techniques we learned in art this term: hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, and doodle lines.

Friday was our first day to try out pen & ink!  The day ended with a fun surprise: students got to bring their paper mache block letter sculptures home!  If you haven't checked them out on our Artsonia gallery, please do!

7th Grade 
We're working on two final assignments for art.  The first is our third sketchbook assignment: a self-portrait drawn as realistically as possible, using a mirror for help.  In class last week, we discussed and practiced correct facial proportions.  These proportions should be used to draw our self-portraits.  The self-portrait drawing is due next Tuesday (Nov. 6th - election day!).

Our other assignment is our celebrity grid drawings!  We found and printed out photos of a celebrity (student's choice!), and we're now using the grid method to reproduce these photos as drawings on a larger scale.  On Thursday morning, Superintendent Pruneau stopped by our second period class to check out our progress!  We were happy to show him how well the drawings are coming along.  These drawings will be due next Friday on our last day of art class.

8th Grade 
We are up to our elbows in clay in 8th grade art!  On Monday, we finished our planning drawings for our functional clay mugs.  On Tuesday, we began our basic cylinder mug shape.  The rest of the week was spent forming and decorating our mugs.  By next week, our mugs should be fully constructed and awaiting kiln time (side note: our new kiln is still in the process of being installed... hopefully by the time our projects have been dried, it'll be up and running for firing!).

Thanks for another great week!
-Mrs. L.
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