Weekly Update: November 19th

This week was so short, it was only one day!  Just wanted to post a couple of quick reminders & updates...

6th Grade:
Your sketchbook assignment (the 3-D name design using 1-point perspective) is due on MONDAY when you return from Thanksgiving break!

7th Grade:
Your sketchbook assignment (the 2-point perspective surreal landscape) is also due on MONDAY when you return from Thanksgiving break!

8th Grade:
You should have already turned in your sketchbook assignment (the master copy) on Monday this past week.  When we return from break, Ms. Best will be introducing the next sketchbook assignment, and also - it will be pottery wheel week!  Get ready to get messy! Woo hoo!

I actually had a lot of fun meeting parents at parent-teacher conferences this week.  It's really cool to see how much you guys look (and sometimes even act) alike!  I met so many super supportive and inspiring parents - and a whole bunch of them are even working in the arts!  Love it!

Thanks for another great week!
-Mrs. L.
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