Enlarging a Photo

In seventh grade art, we paint monochromatic portraits of ourselves.  To ease our self-consciousness over making ourselves "look good," we work from photos that we trace and enlarge onto large paper.

First, I take digital photos of the students (usually out in the hallway with a brick background), and we alter them using Adobe Photoshop.  The software allows us to transform our color photos to a 4-level grayscale image.  Once we print those photos, we trace them onto plastic overhead sheets using a fine point sharpie (see photo above).

The overhead sheets are projected the "old fashioned" way - via overhead projector!  I have a collection of seven overheads I've scavenged from teachers who were getting rid of theirs - when we received digital presenters (Elmos), many teachers ditched their old overheads.  Score for me!

Above are some photos of students working on their projections.  This is happening today and tomorrow in class.  Then we'll be ready to begin painting!  Hopefully we can finish them before the last day of class next week!

Do you want to see some of the results we've come up with?  Check out our past portraits on our Artsonia here, here and here.
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