another reason to love teaching art

Every once in a while I'm grading papers, head down, chugging away at my work... not much going on.  Then it happens.  I spot something on a student artwork that makes me smile and giggle.  I can't help but have to share it with others.  This is one of those instances.

I was grading the sixth grade "Where the Wild Things Are" paintings and I spotted this crazy little guy cannon-balling off of a diving board in the background of Gillian's artwork.  I've circled it and pointed it out in the image below:

...and here's a close-up:

This little guy looks so happy in this picture, like "Whoopee!" as he hurls himself into the pale blue water below.  I love spotting little details like this.  It makes me smile, and it makes my day a little brighter.  I'm reminded what it's like to have the imagination of a sixth grader.

Thanks, Gillian.

p.s. A very special thank-you to everyone who voted in the Oak Park education referendum on April 5th.  Mr. Leban and I are very excited that he'll have a job next year, and that Oak Park K-8 schools will continue to have art classes!
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