WIN a Nintendo DSi XL!

I love Scholastic Art Magazine.  We have a subscription here at Sandburg, and we love reading the articles to learn about art from the past, as well as contemporary art.  We then use our knowledge as inspiration for our projects here at school! 

I remember reading Scholastic magazines when I was in school, and I always loved them.  The information was written in a language that I understood - the articles weren't too "easy" or babyish, but also not too hard to read!

The latest issue of Scholastic Art is all about masks.  The magazine is running a contest to design a mask, and you can win an awesome prize: a Nintendo DSi XL system and a copy of the game Art Academy!

I did some research on Art Academy, and it looks pretty cool.  The game teaches you different drawing techniques to make you a better artist!  You use your DS stylus as a pencil or brush to create images.  When you're done with all the lessons, you can still use the "free paint" mode to create masterpieces of your very own!

Have any of you played Art Academy yet?  I think I might have to go pick up my own copy to try it out!

There will be THREE winners of this contest!  The deadline for the contest is February 28, 2011, so don't delay!  Here's the link to the contest, with all necessary entry forms and rules.  Good luck!
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