Spirit Week!

This week (Dec 13 - 17) is spirit week at Sandburg.  Today is "Hat Day:"

This is my DEVO energy dome hat.  You might recognize it easier if it was red - those were the hats that the guys in the band DEVO wore in the video for "Whip It."  I got this blue one at their concert this summer and have been saving it just for hat day!  How fun!

Here's the schedule for the rest of the week:
  • Tuesday, 12/14 - "Color" Day: 6th = Blue, 7th = Green, 8th = Red, Staff = Pink
  • Wednesday, 12/15 - "Holiday Character" Day
  • Thursday, 12/16 - "Crazy Hair" Day
  • Friday, 12/17 - "Dress Up" Day
Personally, I always wanted a spirit day that was "Favorite Band T-Shirt" Day.  That way a bunch of the boys automatically participate whether they like it or not.  Ha ha!  Also, I have a good excuse to wear my Def Leppard t-shirt to school...  oh well.

Do you have any good spirit day ideas?
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