This Week in Art! August 25-29

Our first full week of art is over! Even though classes were short (we had extended seminar every day), we made a lot of awesome art. This week I have some guest blog posters in the form of student volunteers from 7th and 8th grade who are going to tell you about what we did in art class this week! Thanks for all of your help guys!

6th Grade Art:
6th Grade Art

This was a very busy week! Besides working on our daily sketches, we began making block letter sculptures! Today we just started to work on paper mache! We'll have to try to finish it up next week amidst MAP testing, which means we'll only have art class for one day next week. But, we'll try our best!

7th Grade Art:
7th Grade Art

"This week we started everyday by taking 10 minutes to do the drawing challenge. Then over the week we worked on photo shop to create a picture that we then printed. We are still working on graphiting our picture and some of us are tracing our pictures now."
-Andrea G, period 4

These large self-portraits are going to be painted in a monochromatic color scheme. They are MUCH larger than last year's paintings, so I'm excited about how cool they'll look hanging up in the school!

8th Grade Art:
8th Grade Art

"Monday and Tuesday, we got to plan a big clay project. We had the option of choosing between making a monster pot, a coffee mug, or a box with words on it that was inspired by a art piece made by Robert Indiana. Wednesday, we got to draw out our plan that we were going to make out of clay later in the week. Thursday, we started working with clay and forming the basic shapes of our project. Finally, today we are finishing up forming the shape so we can fire it in the kiln."
-David H, period 1

In other art news...
EAM Kids, teen, and adult art classes are now available at the Elmhurst Art Museum! There are some awesome classes being offered - check them out!

Thanks for another great week!
- Mrs. L.
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