Welcome Back!!!

Art Class

Welcome back to a new year of art! We've only had school for three days, but a LOT has gone on, including the flooding of the art room on Friday, which pushed us up to the library all day!

No matter - we used the time to try out our new technology - "Photoshop Phriday" for 7th and 8th graders, and an intro to Chromebooks for 6th graders!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Wednesday was the first day of school for students. We all received our "Welcome to Art" letters that should have been taken home to be signed/return, so that we can get our Artsonia digital student art gallery up and running again!

On Thursday, we honed our drawing skills by undertaking a new 30- or 45-day "Drawing Challenge!" Every day in class as a bell-ringer, students are asked to do a quick sketch on a topic of the day. At the end of our term, we'll do a little one-on-one student-teacher conference to see how our drawings measure up collectively. This activity REPLACES our old "sketchbook" assignments, and is designed to give LESS HOMEWORK in art class! Woo hoo!

This is pretty new: students no longer have to bring a sketchbook to class each day! Instead, all students should have a binder for class (sometimes referred to on the supply list as a "UA" or "Music" binder), and we'll be keeping all of our drawings and papers in this one binder for the duration of art. Our binders stay in the room, too - no need to bring them home - making our loads a little bit lighter!

Next week, which is a full week, we'll be beginning our first major projects in class: a little clay, a little sculpture, and a little painting!

Welcome back everybody!
- Mrs. L.
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