This Week in Art: January 20-24

6th Grade Art:
6th Grade Art

This week, 6th grade art students turned in their first sketchbook drawing!  Grades have already been posted in PowerSchool, so be sure to go and view your grade online!  Drawings will be handed back after they have been photographed and uploaded to Artsonia, which will hopefully be by the end of next week.

Also this week, we began our first major project: a block letter sculpture!  We are using cereal box cardboard to construct big letter shapes, which will be covered in paper mache and then painted.  This week we focused on the cardboard construction stage.  Students could choose to make any letter of the alphabet!

7th Grade Art:
7th Grade Art

On Tuesday, seventh graders also turned in their first sketchbook project - their surreal landscapes - which have been graded and entered into PowerSchool.  Images will be uploaded to Artsonia soon.

On Wednesday, we began painting practice for our first major project, which is a self-portrait painting in a monochromatic color scheme.  We practiced mixing paint and creating value scales.  On Thursday and Friday, we took digital portraits and altered them using Adobe Photoshop.  These photos were printed out and transferred onto paper for painting, which will be started next week.

8th Grade Art:
8th Grade Art

Eighth grade students have begun planning their first major project, a glazed clay mug.  This project is really awesome, because not only is it beautiful - it is functional!  On the last day of art, we will get to drink hot chocolate from our mugs.  What a fun way to celebrate the end of a successful art project!

We also turned in our first sketchbook assignment on Tuesday - our zentangle drawings with a tracing of our profile - you know, the "what's in my head?" assignment.  Drawings have been graded already and are posted on PowerSchool, so be sure to check your grade.  Artwork will be photographed and uploaded to Artsonia soon - hopefully by the end of next week.

In other art news...
I'm roller skating with the PE classes today!  I used one of my personal days to have a sub (Mrs. Miller, a former elementary art teacher from right here in Elmhurst, now retired) come in and cover art classes today while I roller skated in the gym with students as part of their PE unit on rollerskating.  It was so much fun!  And boy I am tired!

Elmhurst UCCA

...also, here's a photo of Mrs. Sands (of the Elmhurst UCCA) and I from last week when I gave her the money that we raised from the sale of our mini mugs!  Hooray!

Thanks for another great week!
- Mrs. L.
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