Weekly Update: April 15-19

Wow what an exciting week!  It was the first week of art for Term F classes, 6th & 7th grades.  That means it's the last term of the school year!  Then, to top it off, school was cancelled on Thursday (April 18) due to massive rains and flooding in the area!  Thankfully, our school wasn't hit too bad... but the art room did have a little bit of water in it.  I came in to school with some re-arranged furniture, but the floor was mopped up and dry.  No technology was affected, and no supplies or equipment were damaged.  Phew!

6th Grade Art:
6th grade art

During our first week of classes, we began our first sketchbook drawing assignment.  We're drawing our names in block letters, and using 1-point perspective lines to make our names look 3-D. Then, we get to decorate our designs and be as colorful and creative as possible!  These finished drawings will be due next week on Friday.

7th Grade Art:

7th grade art

During our first week of classes, we also began our first sketchbook drawing assignment.  We learned how to draw 3-dimensional box shapes from different points of view using 2-point perspective. These boxes will be incorporated into landscape compositions in a surrealist style. The more weird and crazy, the better! These finished drawings will be due next week on Thursday.

8th Grade Art:

8th grade art

This week, we began a new project: faux taxidermy animal heads made out of plaster. (Our clay is currently air-drying and awaiting kiln firing in the meantime.) We discussed the plaster-building process, and wrote raps, cheers, or jingles about it to re-teach the concept to the class!  It was really funny.

Then, we researched animal images on the internet and printed them out.  We used the pictures to help sketch out our plan for our final pieces.  Today, we begin the armature-building process, which is the underlying structure built from newspaper and tape that the plaster will be applied to.  This will continue on into next week.

We are also in the middle of our second sketchbook assignment, which is a master copy.  Students found and printed out a famous painting that they will attempt to copy (via observation) in colored pencil.  This drawing will be due at the end of next week.

In other news...

Elmhurst Art Museum Exhibition

Last Friday was our reception for the student art exhibition at Elmhurst Art Museum!  Thank you to everyone who stopped by to view the work.  Here's the section of the exhibition that showcased all of the work from our Sandburg artists!  Congratulations everyone!

Thanks for another great week!
-Mrs. L.
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