Week in Review: Jan 14-18

6th Grade:

This week, students began their 3-dimensional letter sculptures.  This project is a natural extension from our 1-point perspective block letter drawing (aka sketchbook assignment #1, which was due today!) because we took our block letters from 2-dimensional paper with the illusion of depth to an actual 3-dimensional form.

...eh, who am I kidding?  The best part of this project is the HUGE MESS we get to make from the paper mache paste!  It's a slimy, lumpy gel, and we dip our paper strips into it and it gets all over our hands.  Gross.  But also awesome.

7th Grade:

This week, we began our grayscale self-portrait project, which involves taking a photo and altering it using Adobe Photoshop to turn it into a 4-level image.  We then have the challenge of mixing paint to match those 4-levels of black, dark gray, light gray, or white to create a painted version of the image.

These small square paintings look especially good on display all together in a group, so they're sure to show up somewhere around the school real soon!  For a preview, see last term's version of these paintings on Artsonia.

8th Grade:
Our first assignment was to draw a scene from a favorite book (aka sketchbook assignment #1, which is due this Tuesday, by the way!).  Now, we've begun our first major project - a ceramic mug - which will be glazed and used to drink hot chocolate while reading a good book!  Naturally, the theme of our mug designs are of books!  Students could choose a favorite book or genre of books (mystery, romance, fantasy, historical fiction) to decorate their creation.

We've only just begun construction on our mugs, so there's not too much to see just yet.  By next week we should have finished construction and have our mugs out to air-dry for firing in the kiln!

In other news... 
The Elmhurst College District 205 Faculty Art Exhibition is underway!  More details are available here at the EC website.  Feel free to stop by next Tuesday, January 22nd for the reception.  Meet your art teachers and enjoy some free refreshments!  Yayy!

Thanks for another great week!
-Mrs. L.

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