Using iPads in Art: Still Life Photos

Today we tried something new in art class, which was arranging and photographing still life compositions for our painting project, which we started talking about in class on Friday.  Students took photos of our collaborative still life arrangement using the iPads!  The iPads are great for selecting and cropping a portion of a composition because looking at the screen is like looking at a framed photo.  What the students "see" is what they "get."

We ran into problems with Photo Stream though.  I tested it out on Friday, and it was working just fine.  The plan was to use Photo Stream to print photos off the desktop PC in the art room after students took their photos.  Maybe my PC is just too old, but Photo Stream kept saying we were logged out of iCloud (we weren't) and our pictures weren't showing up.

My workaround (man, that was stressful!) was to create and share a Photo Stream on a website that can be accessed from any computer.  Of course, this means individually downloading and printing each photo one by one... but the important thing is that it WORKED!

Here's the links to our galleries:

7th Grade Period 1 Still Life Photo Gallery

7th Grade Period 2 Still Life Photo Gallery

Remember that we are only beginner photographers and that this is our first time shooting with the iPads!  But we are trying.

-Mrs. L.
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