Friday Update: Week of October 8-12

This week was a short week due to having Monday off for Columbus day!

6th Grade 
This week we began construction on our 3-dimensional block letter sculptures using paper mache.  It's very messy and very fun!  On Thursday, we turned in our first Sketchbook project: one-point perspective name designs.  Next week, we'll begin our second sketchbook and further stretch our one-point perspective knowledge when we design our own rooms!

7th Grade 
On Tuesday, each student brought in an object for a collaborative still life arrangement.  We used the iPads to photograph a portion of the arrangement, which will be sketched out and painted using a monochromatic scheme.  Read more about our iPad photo-taking experience here.  Next week we'll begin the painting portion of our unit!

On Friday, we drew pictures of ourselves as LEGO minifigures.  Here's mine.  What do you think?


8th Grade 
We are nearing the end of our first quarter!  Next week is the last week for the current group of 8th graders.  I'm going to miss them!  Currently, we're in the middle of our paper sculpture unit, which is a 3-dimensional star-shaped hanging lantern.  The points of the stars are made of watercolor paper, which was painted using experimental techniques - resists, salt, washes, and even metallic and glitter paints!  By early next week, these stars should be completed and ready to hang!

The end of the quarter is also when the bulk of the projects are completed and grades are issued.  This means that tons of projects have been uploaded on our Artsonia gallery!  Be sure to stop by and view our 8th grade animal trophy head sculptures and clay mugs!  Oh, and definitely do NOT forget to check your grades on Powerschool!


Thanks for another great week!

-Mrs. L.
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