Tour of the Art Room!

The art teachers at The Teaching Pallette have gathered a collection of art room photos from teachers all over, which I was happy to be a part of!  See the photos on the Flickr photostream here.  You may also take the art room tour right now -- see below!

 Above, you can see the supply counter where we keep colored pencils, scissors, rulers, erasers, markers... the daily stuff!

 Here are all the manikins!!!

 We have a digital projector, which is really helpful!

 The kiln (although old) is a real workhorse.

Four pottery wheels are over here, and the slab roller.  Sculpture storage is on the left.

 Smocks, drying rack, and four more pottery wheels!

 Here's my desk!  It's a colorful place.

This is the overall view when you first walk in the room.

Thanks for visiting!  Come back soon!
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