Monday - Wednesday this week, eighth grade students are on a rotation to use the pottery wheels.  Since I only have 8 wheels, my class can't be split into two days in order for each student to have a turn on the wheel - we have to split it into three!

So, no big deal, right?  Well... we're also in the middle of a plaster hand-casting project (see last year's version of the project on Artsonia here) and painting them!  Paint, clay, plaster... Um, THREE different media and ONE teacher?  Yep... it's nuts... to put it lightly!

But it's also fun.  Students cannot wait to get a turn (no pun intended) at the wheel!  I was thinking today that I should work out a sign up sheet so that on "extended seminar schedule" Tuesdays, 8th graders (current art students) can sign up to use the wheel in the morning during extended seminar.
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