This Week in Art: Dec 1-5

Last week was Thanksgiving and Parent-Teacher Conferences, so we did not have a blog post. But now we're back! (Well, for a few weeks until winter break at least...) Check out what happened this week:

6th Grade Art:
6th Grade Art
Here is Jack's finished sculpture!

"This week in art we focused on painting our 3D letters. We worked on blending paint and applying all over patterns to them. For my sculpture I did red and black paint for the Chicago Bulls. I kept my all over pattern basic by just doing dots but changing color depending what the background is."
-Jack R, Period 8

7th Grade Art:
7th Grade Art
Conor's black and white portrait painting is finished!

"Over the past few weeks, we made portraits of ourselves and we used Photoshop. I liked this project, but it was a lengthy one. Since we got to choose the colors we wanted, I chose white and black because they go together well."
-Conor L, Period 5

7th Grade Art
another 7th grade student works on his painting project

8th Grade Art:
8th Grade Art
Samantha's mug is looking so cute!

"This week in art class we have been working on glazing our clay projects. For my clay project I chose to do a mug. I'm still working on my mug, but I'm making good progress. My mug's theme is under the sea."
-Samantha H, Period 2

You can view the ceramics projects from Quarter 1 at our Artsonia gallery here

In other art news...
Our food pantry/UCCA fundraiser is now going on at Elijah's Coffee Shop in downtown Elmhurst! This year, we're selling crocheted coffee cup sleeves made by members of the Sandburg Crochet Club. For $5, you can own your own handmade sleeve (or buy them as gifts for others!) and all of the profits will go directly to the local food pantry via United Community Concerns Association. This sale will be going on from now through winter break (early January).

You can read about last year's UCCA fundraiser on their news page here.
Other Art News

Education Week has published a whole series of articles and commentaries on the importance of arts education - read them here.

Thanks for another great week!
- Mrs. L.
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