This Week in Art! May 6-10

6th Grade Art:
6th grade art

6th grade artists FINALLY got the chance to finish up their letter sculptures!  We've had to deal with a lot of absences in class due to the orchestra tour and two consecutive days of MAP test make ups... so, our schedule has gotten a little behind.  But we push forward.  My plan is to have these graded, photographed, and up on Artsonia by the end of next week (we'll see how that goes!).

Also a reminder: 6th grade 1-point perspective room design drawings will be due next week Wednesday (5/15).

7th Grade Art:
6th grade art

Today in art was so much fun!  Mr. DeGrace came in and presented to the class about his art and design-related career.  He showed us some of his drawings, and told us stories about his experiences with creative problem-solving and the design process.  Mr. DeGrace works for a super fun carpet square company, called Flor.  He showed us how the company collects and recycles old fishing nets in the manufacturing of his company's products!

6th grade art

It was fun to discover that no matter what career path a student chooses, creativity and design-thinking are always an asset!

This week, we finished up our self-portrait paintings, and began our final drawing assignment: "Evolution of a Soda Can" still-life.  See previous examples of this project here.

Also, a reminder that 7th grade Op-Art-inspired sketchbook drawings are due next Wednesday, 5/15!

8th Grade Art:
6th grade art

8th grade is in the final push to try and complete all of our projects currently in-progress.  That means that this week was GLAZE WEEK!  We're attempting to finish up our ceramics projects (and our plaster taxidermy projects!) so we can get our final grades in - the end of the year is approaching SO very fast!

Next week is planned to be pottery wheel week.  But I'm sure we'll have to do a little bit of catch-up on some old projects as well...

Thanks for another great week!
- Mrs. L.
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