This Week in Art: March 11-15

(I'm out of the building today at a special seminar on Common Core standards - at the Art Institute Chicago! - but I scheduled this post late Thursday evening so you'll still have your weekly art room update!)

6th Grade:

We've been working really hard all week on our paper mache letter sculptures.  Monday and Tuesday were paper mache application days, and Wednesday we decorated the front faces of our letters with puffy paint!  So now, we're beginning the painting stages of the project.  An even base coat of acrylic paint is layered with an acrylic wash in a second color - we'll get to that next week!

The other assignment to remember is our 1-point perspective room drawings.  Students had time to work on those today (Friday), and final drawings are due this Monday, March 18th.

7th Grade:

Seventh grade is in the middle of our self-portrait painting project, using four value levels.  Students could choose to go white/black/gray, or utilize a value scale in a chosen color.  Above, you can see some of our practice examples.  This way, we could try out different colors before deciding which to use for our final project, and get used to mixing the colors before applying it to our "good" paper!  For examples of this project from past terms, see our Artsonia galleries here or here.

On Friday, students had some time to work on their Op-Art inspired sketchbook assignment, which is due this Monday, March 18th.  So don't forget to finish it up this weekend!

8th Grade:

Today was the last day for quarter 3 8th grade art classes! I can't believe the year has gone by so quickly!  We spent our last week finishing up projects, like our PaperCritters mini sculptures, and our plaster "faux taxidermy" animal heads.  On Friday, we enjoyed using our glazed clay mugs for some delicious hot chocolate!  

I know I mentioned last week that March is Youth Art Month, so 8th grade students created fun miniature versions of themselves at an easel posing with their artwork!  We're going to put these on display at school to celebrate YAM this year.  Aren't they cute?  I got the idea via Pinterest (here's the post) - of course!

Thanks for another great week!
-Mrs. L.
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