Weekly Update: February 4-8

This week in art... 
This is the 5th week of classes for 6th & 7th graders, which means that next week is the LAST WEEK OF ART for them!  So, be sure to check your grade via Powerschool and turn in any missing work, because all late/missing work is accepted up until our last day (Feb 15th), but after that, it's too late!

6th Grade:
This week, we read all about African textiles and became inspired by the patterns and textures featured on traditional fabrics.  We're going to use these patterns and textures to create animal outlines filled with pattern and drawn using pen and ink.  This week, we started choosing our animal subject matter, researching photos online, and sketching out our shapes.  Next week, we'll pull out the ink and finish them up!

Also next week is the due date for sketchbook assignment #3, which is a wooden manikin drawing.  Find full details on the 6th grade art webpage.  Due Wednesday, February 13th!

Lastly, our paper mache letter sculptures and our 1-point perspective rooms are all up on Artsonia to view!  Please leave comments and join the fanclubs of your favorites!

7th Grade:
We finished our pop can drawings this week!  I'm in the process of grading/photographing/uploading our drawings right now, but I'm super excited about how well they turned out!  I'm also planning a bulletin board display for them here in the school!

Our third sketchbook drawing was started this week, and will be due on the last day of class: Friday, February 15th.  It's a grid enlargement of a comic book panel!  We worked on them Thursday and Friday this week, so students should have a really great start to this assignment already!

Lastly, our Op-Art inspired sketchbooks and some awesome iPad altered paintings are up on Artsonia to view!  Please leave comments and join the fanclubs of your favorites!

8th Grade:
This week we made a ton of progress on our faux taxidermy animal head sculptures!  Monday and Tuesday were spent forming the armature (underlying support structure) from masking tape, newspaper, and cardboard.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all spent cutting and applying plaster to create the animal head forms!  Check out our progress above!

Our sketchbook #2/master work copies are up on Artsonia to view!  Please leave comments and join the fanclubs of your favorites!

In other news...
Grace7660, a 7th grader here at Sandburg, is a finalist for artist of the week on Artsonia!  Please vote for her today and tomorrow (voting ends Saturday) - if we win, she'll get a $50 Blick gift card, and Sandburg will win $100 Blick gift card!  This takes A LOT of votes to win, so please help by voting and by spreading the word on social media!

Thanks for another great week!
- Mrs. L.
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