Week in Review: September 10-14


Week four of art is at its end!  Can you believe we only have two weeks left of art for this term's sixth and seventh graders?  Eeek!

6th Grade:
We viewed our sketchbook #1 drawings on Artsonia!  Have you checked out the gallery yet?  Be sure to leave comments and join the fanclubs of your favorite artists!


In class, we finally got to apply paper mache our cardboard block letter sculptures!  It was very messy and slimy, but super fun.  We're also working on the pencil drawing for our pen & ink pattern drawings inspired by African Art.  Next week, we'll be working on both projects at the same time so that we can complete all of our work by the end of the term!

7th Grade:
On Monday, we completed our monochromatic still-life paintings.  Because of Outdoor Education this week, students had a double-period of art on either Tuesday or Thursday, depending on which half of Outdoor Ed they attended.  During that double period, we worked on sketchbook assignment #2, which is a fun black and white op-art design.  It's due next Tuesday (the 18th of September) and you can get more details on the art website.

8th Grade:
Our plaster sculptures (faux mounted animal heads) are in full swing and they're looking AWESOME!  I'm so excited about this project!  Here's a little preview of student work-in-progress:


Also, our clay mugs are being fired in the kiln literally as I type this blog post!  So... soon we'll be glazing, and by the last day of art, enjoying a beverage in our functional art!  Next week I'm planning on pulling out the pottery wheels, so that is another super fun experience for 8th graders to look forward to!

Phew - we've been busy!

Thanks for another great week!
-Mrs. L.
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