Hungry? How about a cupcake?

These are my prototype samples for our CERAMIC CUPCAKES project in seventh grade art!  I'm really excited about it, since it's a new project we've never done before at Sandburg.

Today, we read a Scholastic Art magazine article all about Wayne Thiebaud, a painter who's known for his cake and pie subject matter.  We combined the art history with current artistic trends of cupcake shops, like our own Heavenly Cupcakes in downtown Elmhurst!

After browsing the menus of a couple cupcake bakeries, we brainstormed ideas for our own cupcake creation.  Next week, we'll be making our ceramic cupcake sculptures a reality!

An extra fun detail is that our cupcakes will open up and be hollow inside, providing a place for small trinkets and treasures when we're all finished!  Hope you like it!
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