District Faculty Art Show

...With photos courtesy of Mr. Leban.  (Thanks!)

Photos of my drawings from the show.

Artwork by York High School Teachers.

A cool shot from the ground up (you can see my pieces on the left).

That's me, blurry, talking to Mary Lou Stewart - she's the head of the art department at Elmhurst College.

Hey, someone's looking at my artwork!

This is the Accelerator machine, what the building and gallery are named after.  It's really cool "Flash Gordon" space age design.

Me talking to Ms. Pancratz, Mrs. Nall, and Ms. Cruger at the show.

Mmmm... food!

My work was hanging next to the work of Mr. Rich Edgley, a York High School art teacher.

The show was really fun to do, because many of us spend so much time with our "art teacher" hat on, it's nice to get to be just "artist" sometimes.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by the opening last night!  It's great to see support from the community and our colleagues!
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