Missing MANGA Books!

A while ago, a student borrowed a couple of Manga drawing books from me, and they were never brought back! To make matters worse, I don't remember who it was that I lent them out to!

These are the two books that I am missing:
How to Draw Anime & Game Characters, Vol. 1: Basics for Beginners and Beyond
by Tadashi Ozawa

Draw Manga: How to Draw Manga In Your Own Unique Style
by Bruce Lewis

Can someone please help me out by 'fessing up if you were the borrower? Or, if you know who it was, please let me know!!! I don't have money to replace these books, and if I don't get these books back, I will no longer be able to let students borrow books to take home. That's sad! :(


After School Art Class

After School Art Class is FULL for the last session of the school year! The last session is going to be all about jewelry-making. We're going to start with some resin bottlecap pendants (I'm thinking they'd make pretty cool pins, too...) and we'll then move on to metal symbol pendants that we will cut & file from copper sheets. Mr. Leban (my fiancee, I've talked about him here before) is an art teacher who will be helping us out with the second pendant project, as it's tricky!!!

I am very excited about this last session, as it is something that I do not get to do very often! We'll be sure to post some pictures on artsonia once we get some finished products!


6th Grade Extra Credit Contest!

[6th grade students - if you choose to enter this contest, make a copy of your submission and give it to Miss Miller to earn EXTRA CREDIT in art!]

The Elmhurst Cool Cities Coalition is happy to announce a Grade School
Poster Contest
“Saving Energy at Home”

The contest is open to all Elmhurst children in Grades 1-6.

Prizes include Three Grand Prize $100 Savings bonds for the winner of each theme taken from all entries and Six First Place Finalist $50 Savings Bond for an entry from each grade level for a total of $600 in savings bonds.

The Prize winning posters will be displayed at the Cool Cities Energy Fest in June 2009.

How to Enter

This contest is open to all Elmhurst students in grades one through six. Posters must be received by May 10, 2009 to qualify.


Kids, create a poster from one of these three themes:

1) Reducing Use of Electric Energy at Home
2) Reducing Use of Natural Gas Energy at Home
3) Conserving Water Usage at Home

Judging Criteria

Creativity and originality
Accuracy of information
The ability of the poster to educate others on how to be energy efficient


Poster size: 8 ½ x 11 inches
Any type of writing or drawing instrument can be used
Each student may enter only one poster
Poster must be the work of only the student
Do not fold the poster
Each poster must include on the back the following information:
Theme Title; Student’s name; Grade level; Teacher’s name; School Name
School Mailing Address; Principal’s Name; School Telephone number
Signed Parent statement that the work has been the sole work of the student
All posters become the property of the Elmhurst Cool Cities Coalition

Submit all posters in a sealed 10 x 13 envelope to: The Elmhurst Public Library
% Cool Cities Poster Contest
125 S. Prospect Ave.
Elmhurst, Il. 60126
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