What is Mrs. Leban doing?

Right now I have a student teacher, so I don't get as much one-on-one interaction with students as I am normally used to.  I am surprised at how I never seem to run out of things to do, though. 

Having a student teacher means that I have to be able to explain my job to someone else and teach them to do it well.  This is a surprisingly difficut task, since a lot of my daily "jobs" I do on auto-pilot (meaning without really thinking about it) - for example, in the middle of the week I will start thinking about the next week and what's planned for art class.  I will go make copies, double-check a powerpoint presentation, or find artwork samples - things like that.  Sometimes I start planning artwork displays in my head, and I'll start gathering supplies a day or so before I begin putting artwork up.  I might have to make a banner or title, or put up background paper - all of this takes planning that I just kind of do on my own - to try to remember it all and say it out loud and explain it so it makes sense to someone else is tricky!

So... what else am I doing lately?  I'm re-organizing and cleaning out the art closet... again.  I think I did this the last time a student teacher was here.  But it got messy again. :(  oops.

Also, I've been working some more on my National Board Teacher Certification projects.  You wouldn't believe how much work it is!  It's the biggest project I think I've undergone to date - even more than my Master's degree.  The scariest part is that I have to videotape myself teaching and submit it to be scored by a panel of total strangers - eek!  And after I've written my zillion papers that are required along with the videotapes, I have to take a test at a testing center.  I am very nervous.  Wish me luck!
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