snow days.

two days off for severe weather, huh?

...I hate when this kind of stuff happens. But we'll work through it. I'm posting here on the off-chance that students (or parents) might come here and read this before we meet in class again next Wednesday.

Our final sketchbook drawing was going to be due today, Friday, January 16th. But school was cancelled on the 15th (Thursday) somewhat unexpectedly, as well as today. My best guess would be that most students DID NOT bring home their sketchbooks to work on the assignment...

I'd like to remind everyone that you CAN do sketchbook drawings on ANY blank white paper - you do not actually need your sketchbook! And you can find the topics list (by grade level) on the Sandburg Art website (see "handouts, worksheets, & links" page).

Here's what I'm going to do. Any student that HAS their final sketchbook drawing completed AND turns it in at the beginning of class on Wednesday, January 21st will automatically receive one bonus point on the assignment (hey, it's only a 7-point assignment, so that's pretty good!). That's your incentive for being responsible and for fulfilling your obligations as a student. It's a "thank you" from me.

...The bad news is that we probably won't get to complete our current in-class projects, at least not the way I was hoping to. 7th grade can probably finish a print, 8th grade can still finish their cube sculptures (they're easy to take home if we have to!), but 6th grade will probably get a little bit shorted - we may not get to make stamps like I was hoping to. So I apologize for missed opportunities, but hopefully I can make it up to you in art class next year!
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