is this art?

...so, Mr. Leban and I got some of those "grow-your-own" toys from some friends of ours way back at Christmastime, and we finally decided to try it out. (The one on the left is a "grow-your-own cowboy", and the one on the right is a "grow-your-own fashion police" character...)

I'm watching these weird little creature-things expand and contort as they grow to "600 times their original size!" (as the package claims - but I am skeptical), and I was staring, wondering who actually spends time thinking up this kind of stuff? There has to be some kind of product designer/artist who makes up the original concept and draws out sketches (or tiny test-sculptures) for these weird expandable figures...

So I guess what I'm wondering is - is this art? And then I thought, "Hey, what a great question to ask my art students!"

Want some extra credit? Post here! Tell me what YOU think.
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